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Jessica Joseph-McDermott is an Australian writer and actor living in Los Angeles. She holds a Bachelor of Communications (Writing and Cultural Studies), University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and was a Sydney Morning Herald Regional Finalist for Young Writer of the Year (2005). Follow her on Instagram at @jjosephmcdermott, visit her imdb page, or her website

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With All Due Respect

Jessica Joseph-McDermott

I’m feeling disappointed. Yes. Quite. Now this isn’t the type of disappointment that sits on your shoulders, chuckling and chortling as you carry it around. It’s also not the type that you half-expect, or dread to meet. It’s the type that builds. Over time. Minutes, then hours, and days, until finally…You recognise it for what… Read more.

Let’s take a selfie

Jessica Joseph-McDermott

I came across a letter recently that affected me a lot. It was being passed around Facebook (as things often are), and I took a moment to read. Then I took a few more moments. Until I realised I had read the whole letter. It was a letter from Marilyn Monroe, sent to her therapist,… Read more.

Who Is Jessica? (Notes Toward a Definition of Actress)

Jessica Joseph-McDermott

Australian actor Jessica Joseph-McDermott is living in Los Angeles and AussieTheatre welcomes her as a regular columnist. When you’re working on a scene, and you have to play a woman who’s just discovered her husband’s been fucking a goat for six months, you really need to stretch your mind and powers of imagination. This is… Read more.