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Joanna is a Melbourne-based writer and Jill of all genres. She writes content, scripts and biographies, among other things, and regularly discusses the many delights of Melbourne living.

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Midsumma: Rhonda’s fabulous Guided CouTours

This Midsumma festival offers you the chance to go behind the scenes at Melbourne Arts Centre, guided by an Australian entertainment icon: Rhonda! Rhonda Butchmore, that is. If you show up expecting Rhonda Burchmore at Rhonda’s fabulous Guided CouTours, you should be slapped by an irate Ossie Ostrich. Some people reportedly showed up on opening… Read more.

Hit Productions: Bombshells

It’s hard to think of Bombshells and not think of Caroline O’Connor, the diva who inspired playwright Joanna Murray Smith to write this solo show, with six female characters including a teenager, a bride-about-to-be, a stay-at-home mother, and a 64-year-old widow. The playwright wanted to offer O’Connor something both challenging to and demonstrative of her enormous talent…. Read more.

The Rap Guide to Evolution

The Rap Guide to Evolution seeks to educate and entertain by making evolutionary theory relevant and engaging to a wide audience. This might sound like rapper Baba Brinkman has bitten off more than any single performer can chew, but his mouth keeps pace with his ambition of illustrating evolution in action. Just like rap artists,… Read more.

A Murder is Announced

Agatha Christie’s A Murder is Announced was always going to draw fans to see it on stage. I took my mother, a keen fan of Christie, hopeful that even if I didn’t enjoy it, at least she would. “I don’t know how they managed to ruin Miss Marple, but they did it!” This was her… Read more.

La Mama: The Penelopaid

Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad is a confronting and humorous account of Penelope, a bit player in the epic Odyssey. Famous for her patience and faithfulness, Penelope waits 20 years for her husband Odysseus while he and his Greek compatriots battle the Trojans to regain beautiful Helen – the rightful property of the Greeks. For the… Read more.

Legally Blonde, the Musical: a look at it mid-season

Legally Blonde, The Musical is the epitome of the feel-good stage spectacular. This gem of a production has everything – a fantastic script, excellent cast, great music and seamless technical stagecraft – all carried off with delightful energy and fun. And on a quiet Tuesday night well into its Melbourne season, this is all the… Read more.

Circus Oz 2013

On the outside a Circus Oz show is a delightful, clever, cheeky romp. On the inside it breathes a furnace-like soul, pumping warmth all through the Big Top and its full audience. With so much love and so many happy people, Circus Oz couldn’t keep it cold if they tried. Cranked Up is a medley… Read more.

MIJF: 774's Roaring Swing

774’s Roaring Swing had all the potential for a glamorous night: amazing outfits, live bands and some thousand and a half eager attendees, determined to dance the night away. mortgage lender reviews Swing Patrol helped kick off the evening with an introductory lesson of dancing the Charleston, then the bands took over. While some people… Read more.

Bell Shakespeare: Phèdre

When Bell Shakespeare deviates from the master, you know there’s a good reason. From Ancient Greek myth via Euripides, through Seneca’s Rome, past Racine in France and finally to Ted Hughes in England, the story of Phèdre has naturally developed along the way. Yet it remains as horrifying and compelling as ever – a step-mother… Read more.

Scared of clowns?

There are so many things to love about the Fear&Love troupe: their awesome energy, great ensemble connection, an extensive (read: revolting) array of talents and an infectious delight in their craft. Freshly graduated from the VCA and it’s exciting to see a group of actors at the start of their career doing what they want… Read more.