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Ignations grabs you by the throat in Sweeney Todd

Set in London in the 1900s, Sweeney Todd is the urban legend of a barber who slits the throats of his customers and sends the corpses to his partner-in-crime, Mrs Lovett, who serves them up in pies. Sondheim has set this horrific tale to an eerie score with a hint of dark humour. Sitting in the… Read more.

Summer of the Aliens

Years ago when I was in Year 12, our teacher brought out the script of Louis Nowra’s Summer of the Aliens. At first I thought; who wants to read a play about Aliens?, but I loved it the first time I read it and seeing it on-stage made me fall in love with it all… Read more.

Pygmalion – QTC

When most people hear the name Eliza Dolittle, they generally think of the movie- musical My Fair Lady and remember Audrey Hepburn turning from a dirty faced flower girl into an elegant and graceful lady. In actual fact ‘Eliza’ was originally the creation of George Bernard Shaw as the central character for his play Pygmalion. In… Read more.