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A woman roars

Marika Aubrey. Photo by Kurt Sneddon.

“Woman”. That’s how the characters I almost always audition for are described. Woman. Nothing more specific. Just…Woman. I suppose it’s accurate enough. I was biologically born a female. I present myself to the world as a long haired, make up wearing, boobs ‘n’ all kinda gal. So it is reasonable to assume that any brief… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Erin James with Marika Aubrey

How We Do What We Do: Erin James with Marika Aubrey

This interview is the final chat in our series exploring How We Do What We Do. It feels perfectly appropriate that we conclude my interview collection of incredible artists with the actor who is behind this series being commissioned in the first place – AussieTheatre’s Editor-In-Chief Erin James, who is currently enjoying a wave of… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Justine Clarke with Marika Aubrey

To anyone who knows me, it’s no secret that I have coveted an opportunity to include Justine Clarke in this series since it’s initial birthing. I am hopelessly in love with her career as in my opinion it includes all the ingredients any strong actress who can sing could hope for in the Australian industry…. Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Kate Mulvany with Marika Aubrey

Marika Aubrey and Kate Mulvany

Kate Mulvany is the ultimate storyteller. She is also, in my humble opinion, one of the most talented gals of our generation. Kate is best known as the creator and star of The Seed, her critically acclaimed and hugely successful play that is well on it’s way to ‘classic’ status in the Australian canon. With… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Anna McGahan with Marika Aubrey

Anna McGahan is a familiar flame hair framed face from TV, playing leading roles in Underbelly: Razor, House Husbands and the very soon to be released Anzac Girls (ABC) and the feature film 100 Bloody Acres. If this wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Anna is currently starring in The Effect at The Sydney Theatre… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Guy Edmonds with Marika Aubrey

Like so many theatre-goers, I first noticed Guy Edmonds in that legendary production of Holding The Man, which sprang out of the Griffin Theatre, toured nationally – and internationally – and left audiences picking up their hearts from the auditorium floor. Apart from being an actor with a lengthy CV across theatre, film and most… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Anne Looby with Marika Aubrey

Anne Looby. Image by Blueprint Studios

My second job ever on TV was the obligatory guestie on All Saints. Naturally I was excited – it was a kooky role on my Mum’s fave show! But actually one of the greatest thrills of the experience was getting the call-sheet for the table read and seeing ‘Anne Looby’ on the same page as… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: John Batchelor with Marika Aubrey

Our next guest is a well-known and well-loved actor with many (many) years of experience across theatre, film and TV. You probably saw him in Red Dog. Or for several years on your telly as ‘Charge’ in Sea Patrol, or even in Underbelly: Razor. And if you missed those, it’s likely that at some stage when… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Katrina Retallick with Marika Aubrey

Katrina Retallick and Marika Aubrey

This month’s artist is an accomplished actress of TV, film and stage who never seems to stop, and  effortlessly traverses all the mediums available to performers – and artists in general as you will learn. Pair this vast talent with a dedicated work ethic and a gracious warm personality, and it is easy to see… Read more.