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How We Do What We Do: Harriet Dyer with Marika Aubrey

Marika Aubrey and Harriet Dyer

After attending The Actor’s Centre and graduating in 2011, Harriet started on the well worn path of waitressing. But it would only be 6 months until this extremely talented young lady got her break, landing a small comic role in STC’s Pygmalion. That led to being cast in The School For Wives with Bell Shakespeare, Peter… Read more.

The best advice from 2013: How We Do What We Do

Marika Aubrey. Image by Blueprint Studios

Marika Aubrey’s exciting 2013 feature series How We Do What We Do made AussieTheatre history as the most popular regular column to appear on the website! With over 12,000 individual readers over the last year, Marika’s in depth and insightful interview series has captured the minds of the Australian and international theatre going public. At… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Fiona Press with Marika Aubrey

Enjoying a highly regarded career that has already spanned 30 years – and is currently thriving – it feels like a Christmas treat to finish this series for 2013 with an actor of great longevity, inspiration, grace and curiosity. Fiona Press is a veteran of Australian stage and screen, having worked with most of our… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Gyton Grantley with Marika Aubrey

Marika Aubrey and Gyton Grantley

Truth is, I wasn’t going to chat to well known Aussie actor Gyton Grantley for this series. I completely missed the first Underbelly series… And most of his feature film roles too. I usually forget to watch The Logies and maybe I figured someone as recognisable as Gyton wouldn’t be that interesting…right? Wrong. I met… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Anthony Gooley with Marika Aubrey

Anthony Gooley is not a household name, but you would be hard pressed to find a Sydney based actor who hasn’t worked with him or doesn’t know who he is. Cast as ‘Biff’ opposite Jacki Weaver in Death of A Salesman straight out of NIDA several years ago, Gooley has since enjoyed a series of meaty roles… Read more.

How We Do What We Do… Christopher Stollery with Marika Aubrey

For this month’s HWDWWD I am joined by one of our countries most in-work and well loved actors. There aren’t enough hours in any day to list his credits that span nearly 30 years of work across theatre, film and TV. At the beginning of 2013 when I made a list of the names of… Read more.

How We Do What We Do…Yvonne Strahovski with Marika Aubrey

Star of the stage and screen Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne calls her story a ‘fairytale’, and indeed it is the stuff that drama school legend is built upon. Early in her career she went to the USA as an unknown Aussie actress to ‘take a few meetings’ and almost immediately landed the lead role of Sarah Walker on the NBC series Chuck. Since then… Read more.

How We Do What We Do: Rob Mills with Marika Aubrey

Rob and Riki.

This month’s interview-ee comes over to my home, lunch in hand, and we flop down on my oversized sofa for our scheduled natter. My delight in including him in this year’s series stems not from our friendship (though we are friends), nor the comfort he obviously has from years of interviews and handling personally invasive… Read more.

How We Do What We Do… Bernadette Robinson with Marika Aubrey

I am nervous when I drive to meet this month’s chat-ee, as this is the first subject I have NEVER ever met. I also happen to be a HUGE fan of hers, after seeing her Helpmann nominated role in the one-woman triumph that was Songs for Nobodies.

How We Do What We Do…Lisa McCune with Marika Aubrey

One of the greatest privileges and joys I have had in my career was standing next to Lisa McCune for a curtain call after a South Pacific performance. The public persona of Australia’s so called ‘golden girl’ of Australian TV is pretty close to the mark – Lisa is simply one of the loveliest, warm… Read more.