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Raised in rural Queensland, Matthew would use his three minutes of shower time to rehearse a wide variety of audition material. After multiple fights over water usage and noise complaints, Matt made the move to Perth to study at WAAPA’s Music Theatre Course. During his time in Perth, he likes to think he perfected the art of quick changes, last minute line learning, and a variety of accents. Time off for him means hitting the beach with friends, a glass of wine, or perhaps the combination of both. Matt is currently playing Rudy in the Australian tour of Cabaret and will play Paris in Jon English’s Rock Opera, Paris: a Rock Odyssey in July. Follow Matthew on Instagram at: @matt_manahan

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Surviving the 8 show week with Alex Rathgeber and Michael Falzon

Surviving the 8 show week with Alex Rathgeber and Michael Falzon

When it comes to practising your craft eight shows a week, it’s a very personal thing. Everybody works differently and what will work for some, may not work for others. This week, I wanted to talk about exactly that: how can we perform at optimum level, all day, everyday? And the answer is, we can’t…. Read more.

The First Gig [And Everything In-Between]

Matthew Manahan

I’m a Queenslander. Please, don’t hold it against me but it’s true. And I’m proud of it. When I moved from Stanthorpe to Perth, WA, it was the first time I’d left the nest. No more of Mum’s Sunday roasts, no more of Dad’s pizza oven antics. Three years on, I am happy to say… Read more.