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Rachel has a degree in Psychology from The University of Sydney but is currently masquerading as understudy for Miss Honey and Mrs Wormwood in the Australian production of Matilda the Musical. She likes to think about what makes people tick. She also likes: Podcasts, politics, pepperoni pizza, property, puns, puppies and cheap things. If you know of a political podcast full of puns we can listen over a cheap pepperoni pizza while we walk a cheap dog looking at cheap property, we might just be fast friends. Follow Rachel on Instagram at: @rachelacole.

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Rhonda Burchmore on How to Navigate Long Distance Relationships

Rhonda Burchmore

Rachi’s reflections…. Almost every other topic I’ve written about – nerves, knock backs, real estate, approaching agents etc., I feel adequately experienced to comment. But in terms of navigating a successful long distance relationship… I have no business even pretending to be an expert. Three times I have tried and three times it has failed…. Read more.

Diversification in the Entertainment Industry with Corinne Grant

Diversification in the Entertainment Industry with Corinne Grant

In economics, diversification is a technique to lower risk. It aims to spread risk of failure by having a wide range of investments in a portfolio. That means if one investment fails, you have something to rely on. When discussing professional diversification, I don’t mean you should go all Gina Liano and bring out a… Read more.

The dos and don’ts of Dance Auditions with Tom Hodgson

Tom Hodgson - Image Supplied

A note from Rachi… There are 3 truly anxiety provoking things in this world: the cold sore virus, an interest rate rise above 2 basis points and 8 bars of free dance at dance auditions. Two of these things are avoidable with sound economic management and sensible kissing behaviours, the 3rd is not and must be… Read more.

How to deal with fame. Rachel Cole with Osher Günsberg

Osher Gunsberg

Every professional industry is its own little world, with power structures, behaviour codes, systems and celebrities. The behaviour codes backstage at the Capitol Theatre are very different to a corporate office. Backstage, my bottom gets slapped approximately 48 times a day. When I used to work in Psychology Research, a solitary pinch would see you… Read more.

How performers can enter the property market

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“Investing in property is simple, but not easy”… Two not so secret things about me: I’m cheap and I love property. I don’t do coffee, cabs, gyms, cover charges or drinks over $10. After the Sydney opening night of Matilda, I walked 20 minutes to Town Hall station, at 4am, and got the night-rider home… Read more.

Staying passionate on long tours: Rachel Cole with Todd McKenney

Todd McKenney

Rachel Cole’s Stage Door Shrink returns to AussieTheatre this month with some excellent advice from Australian theatre veteran, Todd McKenney. A note from Rachi You’ve heard that Confucius saying: “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Whilst I appreciate his sentiment, it sounds to me like Confucius never did… Read more.

The importance of joining the union: Rachel Cole with Rob Mills

Rob Mills

A note from Rachi: When I’m chatting to a guy on Tinder, some questions I get out of the way early include: Do you have cold sores?  Can I have a copy of your last pay slip? And, how do you feel about the Labor party and union membership?  #lowmaintenance.  (In my defence, 76% of… Read more.