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One of a kind: Publicist Suzie Howie will not be forgotten

The Australian theatre scene is in shock this afternoon following the passing of legendary publicist Suzie Howie. Howie worked for three decades on some of the country’s biggest musicals including Cats, Les Miserables, Jersey Boys and The Phantom of the Opera. More recently, she was an integral part of the publicity and media juggernauts Wicked and… Read more.

Helpmann Awards no longer live on Foxtel

I was fortunate enough to attend five Helpmann Award ceremonies during my time as the Managing Editor of, and during those particular five years, got to see the growth of the concept in terms of recognition and coverage. Of course, I have my well-known issues with the entire awards concept, including the absolute farce… Read more.

The Boys – a must-see, but not for the faint hearted

It has often been suggested that Gordon Graham’s popular Australian play The Boys finds its basis in the brutal rape, torture and murder of Sydney nurse Anita Cobby in the 1980’s. That remains a bone of contention – it has never been officially said that the play is based on the Cobby case, and while it… Read more.

Industry in shock as RJ Rosales dies

  The Australian theatre industry is in shock following the death of RJ Rosales. The 37-year-old died in Sydney last weekend (December 5). Rosales was best known for his performance in the Australian production of Miss Saigon, in which his portrayal of Thuy earned him a Helpmann Award nomination. Details of his death are yet… Read more.

10, 000 Beers – Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Over the years, the Darlinghurst Theatre has staged some of the most dynamic, engaging and credible independent theatre productions this country has to offer. From its confronting opening scene through to its brutally eye-opening conclusion, Alex Broun’s 10,000 Beers could proudly sit alongside any of them. The concept of the play is simple enough: An end… Read more.

Build it and they will come

“Build it and they will come” It’s an old saying, but it’s also a true one. I admit freely that I’m a boy from the suburbs. I still live in Sydney’s greater west, and at the moment, I see no reason to change that. I’m certainly not sheltered from the city, and have obviously attended… Read more.

Sing Its Praises

I’m not sure what the best thing about Sing On Through Tomorrow is. Could it be that Matthew Robinson has confirmed just how good a songwriter he is? Or could it be that some of the great young rising stars of music theatre five or six years ago are in career-best vocal form? It’s probably… Read more.

Helpmanns still rough around the edges

For the first time ever, I watched the Helpmann Awards from the comfort of my lounge room in Pyrmont – not far from where all the bright lights were all on at the Sydney Opera House. It’s a different experience from watching it live, and from my recollection I’ve sat in the audience for the… Read more.

Q Up for Mystery

While the mistress is away, the maids will play! Domestic servants Solange and Claire are plotting to murder their mistress, Madame. Each night they play out, in increasingly gruesome ways, how they might ‘do the deed’. But who dies? Intrigued by the mystery yet? The Q Theatre is presenting the provocative and internationally acclaimed play, The… Read more.

Time to say goodbye

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing and for that reason, this column is perhaps the toughest I’ve ever had to write. Today I bid farewell to as its Managing Editor and hand the reigns to Erin James, who will do an amazing job and together with Matt Edwards has already instigated some impressive… Read more.