Glee’s a winner

Troy Dodds says the hit television show Glee is one of the most important theatrical steps Australia has ever taken.

We so often complain about the mainstream media’s coverage of theatre in this country. Unless there’s star casting, shows tend to be ignored by the main players – though it was a pleasant surprise to see a Wicked special hosted by Lucy Durack and Amanda Harrison air on Channel Seven on Saturday afternoon.

Last week the return of Hey Hey It’s Saturday for a special reunion was a major success, proving that reality television and the latest versions of CSI and Law And Order are not the only things people want to watch on Australian television.

Another show doing well that is an important step forward for theatre in this country is Glee, which is airing on Channel Ten on Thursday evenings.

The show is important for theatre in this country as it is opening up the concept to a mainstream audience and whilst it is doing it in a fun kind of way, the hidden messages are obvious and the industry can only benefit from it.

The show proves that stage stars can make wonderful television actors, with Lea Michele – who has played numerous roles on Broadway – fitting into a television series so well.

There’s no doubt the first two episodes of the series were better than the third, but let’s hope that Channel Ten gives it the consistency it deserves. At least Ten tend to be a little more protective of shows than their counterparts at Seven and Nine.

Glee is truly delightful and if you haven’t caught this little gem of a show yet, find some way to watch the first three episodes and then jump on the train this Thursday night.

Apart from its obvious theatre links, its unique nature will make it a continued success.

I was a fan of the 1990’s comedy Frasier for the same reason – it threw away the traditional family comedy recipe and provided something different from the pack. I’m really into How I Met Your Mother at the moment too – a different and unique concept.

Don’t miss out on Glee – it’s a superb show and watching the first three episodes again is the perfect way to spend a Monday public holiday in a wet Sydney.

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