How to “calm your farm” in a stressful situation

This week Sophie talks about what to do when you accidentally lose your s**t… It happens to all of us.

We always come across stressful situations, auditions, rehearsals that just don’t go the way we want to. Watch this video to find out a simple way to learn how to deal with it!

At the time of publishing Sophie is in Perth, the final city in the touring production of Wicked.

She is currently a wellness coach specifically for performers and creative types with coaching courses to help young performers deal with nerves when performing, build confidence and build goal setting especially for young performers wanting to get into drama school and are recently graduated.

Check out her website and courses or join her Facebook page for daily inspiration.


Sophie Wright

Sophie’s love of performing started from an early age when she would sing and dance to command attention from her three older siblings! Sophie is now a professional performer and a mindset and wellness coach for performers and creative types. She has online coaching and shares her knowledge of performing, mindset and wellness to help everyone build a more confident and resilient approach to any industry. To visit her website go to Create A Wellness or follow her on her instagram for daily inspiration at Createawellness.

Sophie Wright

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