Something to get off my chest

I’m feeling a tad political today. A few news stories have caught my attention that I feel a theatrical edge. Firstly the federal government is apparently struggling to spend its stimulus money.

The government had more than our $900, they had millions to spend, and not much has been spent yet. Here’s a suggestion that I love but will never be done in a million years, but I am known for writing fiction! Why not give theatre companies a one off payment to make shows? Well it would stimulate the economy! Theatre companies would have to prove they are spending it on shows and detail how they will spend the money. Imagine the great shows that would be produced! Would be nice working with a nice budget, but again, a lovely fantasy it is!

And here’s a reason why I think local councils are just plain useless. Sometimes you really have to think that if these people had real skills they’d be in federal or state parliament! Over there in the Hills District there’s a nice venue called the Hills Centre. I have seen a number of shows there over the years and have enjoyed them. Not one of the better known venues in Sydney, but still, is always putting on some great shows.

The current management company had submitted a tender to continue the operation of the venue and despite the council acknowledging that the submission was satisfactory and competent they voted to padlock the doors and close the venue at the end of this calendar year. And here’s the kicker, apparently they voted to close it after five minutes of discussion. It must have nearly been time for a coffee break. This means the centre will close at the end of the year and another venue is gone. Rumoured to become a bus exchange instead. What a bunch of wankers! Let’s hope community outrage can stop this from happening!

There, got that off my chest, now I can get back to being frivolous next week!!

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