Bethany Simons

IN DA HOUSE – Inside MTC’s NEON Workshops

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been lucky enough to take part in two Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) workshops being held in conjunction with the NEON Festival of Independent Theatre. First up was a Directing workshop with Associate Artistic Director Sam Strong and Associate Director Leticia Cáseres. I’m not entirely sure what I… Read more.

All The World’s A Stage

Bethany Simons. Image by Sarah Eley

For the past two and half months, I’ve been globe trotting – some of the major stops being LA, San Fran, New York, London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona (to name a few!) It was the trip of a lifetime, and something I’ve wanted to do ever since my first overseas adventure with my family at… Read more.

No more excuses: Arts Life in Melbourne

There are no excuses, only apologies. It’s been so long since I last wrote, and I’ve been trying to work out why. You may have thought (as I did) that once the national tour of The Weather and Your Health was over, I’d have plenty of time on my hands, which would no doubt result… Read more.

Independent Inspiration

Bethany Simons as her grandmother in The Weather and Your Health

Fresh from a trip to my hometown of Dubbo, NSW for a series of performances and workshops in the largest venue we have presented my play The Weather and Your Health in (my Tour Manager, Ryan, likened it to an arena spectacular –  “next stop, Rod Laver”) – Team Weather now move to one of… Read more.

On the list…and the road!

On the list…and the road!

Back in December I was thrilled to hear that my first play, The Weather and Your Health had been selected for the 2012 VCE Drama Playlist. As I owe the delightful stories in the play to my gorgeous grandmother, I called straight away to share the good news. Her response: “That’s wonderful! I’m so proud… Read more.

Sounds Like a Plan

Bethany Simons. Image by Sarah Eley

It may seem a daunting task, especially when your time is so precious, but with the right person and the right method, strategic planning can be efficient, fun and incredibly effective. (Yes, I just used the word ‘fun’ in the same sentence as ‘strategic planning’). If you’re your own boss and you work from home,… Read more.

The Actor’s Warm Up, Part II

I’m quite certain most people think actors are a little crazy. For this reason, I used to feel self-conscious when it came time to do my warm-up in front of others. Who wants to be another mad actor lying around sighing and making siren noises, their legs up against the proscenium arch, while venue staff… Read more.