Bethany Simons

The Actor’s Warm-Up – Part I

From foot massages to humming and jaw jiggling – the actor’s warm-up is as essential as it is eccentric. If you’ve ever taken part in an acting workshop, chances are you’ll have heard the phrase, “Your body is your instrument, and just like any good musician, you need to take time to warm up that… Read more.

That’s a wrap!

Bethany Simons’ regional tour of NSW and VIC has come to an end. Oh! But the things she has learned… And then there were none. Counting down the stops, ticking off the towns, you’re bound to reach the end at some point. For ‘Team Weather’, the final performance of what has been a beautiful regional… Read more.

Weather Update: The Journey Continues…

I never did Physics, Chemistry or any other sort of advanced science while at High School. I did Drama, Art, Music, English…though I kept Science For Life because I thought it could come in handy to know a thing or two about the world around me. Practical things such as, ‘What’s really going on when… Read more.