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Kirby Burgess on building a long-term career

Kirby Burgess on building a long-term career

Living in a generation prone to instant gratification, it can sometimes be difficult as an artist to patiently build your career. A career in the Arts is often a long-term investment of sorts, and while your ultimate goal may be the lead in a long-running musical, a resident director of a major arts company, or… Read more.

Coffee With Dana Jolly, Part One: The Power of Positivity, Dealing with Injury, and Overcoming Limitations

Dana Jolly

Dana Jolly is a renowned Australian performer, choreographer and in-demand freelance teacher with a professional career that spans over forty years, both in Australia and internationally. Dana’s performing credits in the UK include Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Song And Dance, Shall We Dance tour, and over the years working with artists such as Ray Charles, Madonna and… Read more.