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High on a Hill – An open letter to the Australian Federal Parliament from Matthew Lee Robinson

Matthew Lee Robinson and Scott Morris at their wedding in Auckland, 2016

Matthew Lee Robinson wrote a letter to the Australian Federal Parliament last week. It was shared on Facebook over 660 times and reached an incredible amount of people both on social media and, thanks to Labor’s Shadow Minister for Environment, Heritage, Trade, Tourism and Major Events Penny Sharpe, the floor of NSW Parliament. It’s a brilliant… Read more.

A discussion of arts accessibility in theatre

A discussion of arts accessibility in theatre

Following the release of a distressing story in the Sydney Morning Herald (read here for a full run-down of facts and statements from both parties) last month claiming that a young girl with a disability and her mother were asked to leave a performance of Matilda at the Sydney Lyric Theatre, I’m pretty annoyed that any… Read more.

Beats on Pointe

Beats on Pointe

Wednesday night saw the official opening of Beats on Pointe at the Gasworks theatre in Albert Park, Melbourne. Curious to see how a fusion of street dance and Ballet would go, I went along. (Mainly because I was impressed that they wanted to try.) I left the ninety minute show entirely satisfied that Melbourne dance is… Read more.

‘Whatever Happened to the Music?’ – A Culture of Concious Neglect

Image by planet of success.

Recently, an article on Crikey.com’s Daily Review created a lot of discussion within the music theatre industry by posing the question of whether home-grown musicals received the creative support they needed within the Australian theatre industry. With critics citing Aussie made musicals like Miracle City, Summer Rain and Keating as examples of the “Great Australian Musicals”… Read more.