Matts Murmurs

TED – ideas worth spreading

 TED stands for Technology, Design and Entertainment and it is a non-profit organisation that is set up to change the world through the dissemination of information. It started, in 1984, as a one off conference in California to which they invited some of the most gifted thinkers of the time to give a presentation lasting… Read more.

Handy websites – part 2: Dropbox

Dropbox –   This week I am discussing another web service that I use virtually every day and is great for backing up important files or sharing files with other people. The service is Dropbox, and again, it is free!!! Although it does have a paid version if you REALLY love it, or if you… Read more.

New Facebook and Twitter Features

So it seems I am taking on the unofficial position of Aussie Theatre technology reporter. More people seem to read the articles about iPhones, apps or websites than any others, and I enjoy writing them. So I have decided to embrace this trend and run with it.

Cats – ending after four years

Over the past 5 months I have been lucky enough to be touring with the Really Useful Groups production of Cats, and as it comes to an end this Sunday in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, I wanted to reflect on this amazing experience.

Internet Piracy

About 10 years ago Napster was all the rage. It was amazing, you could log on and download any song you wanted and with in half an hour you would have that song.

Election 2010

As the dust starts to settle from the weekend’s election and the details slowly become apparent it looks like we are going to have a hung parliament in this country for the first time in 70 years.