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For Fear Of Repeating Yourself

Sometimes, as a creative being, we find ourselves in a position where we think we’re creating something new when we have, in actual fact, done it before. Some people might call this a personal motif, a signature that characterises what we do. Others would see it as creative bankruptcy; a sign that the end of… Read more.

The Creative ‘P’s

Drew Lane returns to AussieTheatre with a column on getting things done. Recently, I think I’ve stumbled across something that might actually hit home for some people. I guess that it’s about the roadblocks that we face as creative beings, between trying to produce what our hearts and souls drive us to create and living… Read more.

10 More Songs NOT To Audition With

10 More Songs NOT To Audition With

First of all, thanks to everyone who have been reading my little blog here on… It’s great to have your readership and I love reading your comments! So, I’d like to do a sequel to probably my most read, commented on, re-tweeted and reposted article 10 Songs NOT To Audition With, with ten more! Many… Read more.

10 Songs NOT to audition with

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Here’s a topic that is sure to send some people into conniptions … what are the songs that you should never choose to audition with? Of course, any list like this is completely subjective – and open to ridicule and derision. But, in my defence, I’ve played for and been behind the desk of enough… Read more.

7 Steps to kickstart writing

7 Steps to kickstart writing

Drew Lane guides us through the dreaded creative block with some helpful advice about ‘getting creative’. Thought I’d try something different for this week … 😉 As many of you may know, I’m a musical theatre composer – yes, as naffy as it sounds when I say it, I write musicals. I’ve been doing it… Read more.

Where did YOU start?

Everyone has had their start in the world of the theatrical arts somewhere. It may not have been the most auspicious of arenas, but it the moment that we can recall as “the beginning”. A casual look at the plethora of “reality talent shows” in TV will inevitably have the traditional “first time” episode, where… Read more.