Musical Musings

Spring Awakening – It Really Is That Good!

Company/Presented by: Monash Uni Student Theatre and Monash University Academy of Performing Arts Venue: Alexander Theatre, Monash University, Clayton  Thursday October 6, 2011 I’ve just arrived home from seeing MUST’s production of Spring Awakening. I’m feeling shattered, challenged, hopeful, uplifted, shocked and thrilled. Why? Because I’ve just witnessed a student production that bears all the hallmarks of a… Read more.

Words of Wisdom (from Jason Robert Brown)

Hey everyone. Over the next couple of weeks, I want to post some words of wisdom that I’ve gained from people who are “in the business”; both composer and performers. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on workshops with these people, and from these I’ve taken a lot of notes. So, what I’m going… Read more.

Setting Yourself Apart From The Glut

As regular readers would know, I’m active on the typical social medias that people are active on (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Google+, et al). Because of that, I often read a lot of tweets/posts and get random emails from people who are putting their self-written musicals on stage and are wanting people to check… Read more.

The Race

No matter what type of person you are on this theatrical journey, you will inevitably feel at some stage that you’re losing the race. What race? The race to “make it”. The race to succeed. The race to become known and acknowledged for the talents you have. It’s the one that you suddenly feel caught… Read more.

The Addams Family ALBUM review

Drew Lane writes about The Addams Family Original Cast Recording – find out what he thought about the show which is set to take Australia by storm in 2013! Coming to Sydney in March 2013 is the musical version of The Addams Family, fresh from its run on Broadway. What this means is that there will very soon… Read more.

Coming Down

Drew Lane talks about the feeling we all know and hate: the post-show blues.  I’ve just finished playing lead piano in a production – the season is over, the crowds have gone home, bump out has been undertaken, and the cast party has all wrapped up.  I’m sitting at home, on a Monday night, watching… Read more.

Theatre is real

This week, Drew Lane discusses the reasons why live theatre is a reality we don’t ever want to lose… There was a very interesting article in The Age on the weekend that asked and explored the question as to why live theatre is still drawing crowds. It was interesting to “read between the lines” –… Read more.

A Word Of Encouragement

Everyone has a dream. Chances are, simply from the fact that you’re here and reading this blog, you have a dream that involves the theatre. Whether it be performing, backstage, design, composition, writing, make-up or any number of theatrical roles; the dream that you have is like a blazing fire that refuses to be put… Read more.

Freebies: What are they worth?

We all love a complimentary ticket. To see a show that you may not have been otherwise able to afford, or that you weren’t really sure about shelling out the cash to see in the first place. Either way, you’re sitting in the audience and you haven’t paid a cent. We all like a freebie…. Read more.

Tomorrow’s Stars Need Encouragement Today

Columnist Drew Lane discusses two distinct, yet closely related issues: The Importance of Children’s Theatre and Children in Theatre.  We all know the saying, “Never work with children or animals.” What this statement boils down to is that both children and animals are unpredictable, and never completely easy to work with. When presented with the… Read more.