Musical Musings

From Page To Stage

Drew Lane answers a reader’s question about bringing musicals from Page to Stage. A couple of weeks ago, I posted my first column, Sift Through The Rubbish To Find The Gold. As a response to that first post, Tineallan88 asked: “I’ve written a musical which I’ve been trying to get people involved in for years but no… Read more.

The Weight Of Expectation

Expectation is a funny thing. It means that there are people who like what you do (always a positive), that you have had success in the past (another positive), and there are people who are excited about what you’re going to do next (yet another positive). Expectation is a funny thing. It means that there… Read more.

Sift through the rubbish to find the gold is pleased to welcome a new columnist to our Regular Column line up! We welcome to the team Drew Lane! (composer, pianist and musical theatre enthusiast) Drew will bring you his thoughts on the industry in his new column: Musical Musings I don’t proclaim to know everything about writing musicals. I’m still a… Read more.