It’s all about me

Time to renew my membership to self promoters anonymous, because I have a new show and I’m more excited than Big Kev could ever muster. Petroleum opens this week at the Fusebox Theatre in The Factory Theatre space at Marrickville in Sydney.

A Love Letter to Mr And Mrs F26 & F27

Firstly can I say a big congratulations to the cast of Wicked who did a tremendous job at the show’s Sydney opening night on Saturday. It’s great to see Amanda Harrison back in the show and sounding so good, while Lucy Durack is a terrific Glinda and Sydney-siders should do their best to ensure they… Read more.

Thanks, Cate!

It is very rare that Australian theatre makes international news, but this past week it has made international headlines. Entertainment shows made such a big deal about Cate Blanchet being injured on stage, turning the story sensational. But for any of us in theatre we know that injury in theatre is common. I’m sure Cate… Read more.

Theatre Whispers

Remember that game you used to play as a kid where you would whisper into the person’s ear next to you and it would go around the circle and you would hope the original story would arrive at the end, but it never did?