Theatre Whispers

Remember that game you used to play as a kid where you would whisper into the person’s ear next to you and it would go around the circle and you would hope the original story would arrive at the end, but it never did?

Education a must

We hear statistics all the time about how many actors ever earn a living from performing, and the numbers work in the favour of a career in bar tending or shop assisting. But yet, we keep the dream alive by keeping ourselves out there, hoping we are one of the few who will make a… Read more.

The fragility of life

The fragility of life is a remarkable thing. The tragic death of Matthew Leonard last week is a sad and emotional reminder that every day could be our last and that we must treasure those in our life. Not for a moment am I going to pretend I knew Matthew well – we spoke only… Read more.

Where are the writers?

“Where are the writers?” It’s only about 15 years ago that this was a question on every one’s lips when talking about new Music Theatre product. Happily, since then, the spawning grounds have been busy, and, in this country, we can boast several robust writers or writing teams: