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Tim Minchin on niche, risk and making good art

Tim Minchin

Stage Door Shrink returns to AussieTheatre this month with a very special guest. Rachel Cole chats with Tim Minchin about Matilda, art and taking risks. A note from Rachi… If you’re like me: an above average height, white, brunette with a reasonably good vocal range, a sub standard double turn, good teeth and gammy joints,… Read more.

How to leave an agent – with Rachel Cole

How to leave an agent – with Rachel Cole

Performers complain about their agents as often as they complain about feeling fat. #thestruggleisreal. When you hear your friends talking about castings or auditions that you haven’t heard about or you haven’t had an email in months, it’s easy to question your representation. It’s in these moments you need to trust that your agent has… Read more.

How to swing well – Rachel Cole with Tanya Mitford

Versatile: Tanya Mitford has worked in all facets of the musical theatre industry. Image by Blueprint Studios

Welcome to Stage Door Shrink, a regular column aimed at helping performers chortle their way to a #win. Today’s Stage Door Shrink session looks at how to swing well – in the performing sense, not keys-in-a-bowl sense… Musical theatre casts are, generally, made up of leads, ensemble members and swings. If you’re not in the industry, a swing… Read more.