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A Musical Theatre History Lost

Recently I bought quite a remarkable little piece of equipment. For under two hundred dollars I found a record player that records vinyl LPs to CD and also records audio tapes to CD. I haven’t tried transferring audio tapes to the digital age as yet, but have had a great and exploratory time making CDs… Read more.

It just has to be the right show

So the bad news has struck that Next to Normal has been pulled (for reasons that are not clear in the press release from the producers). Well, I am very sorry, but I think everyone who knows anything about commercial theatre in this country will know that the Capitol Theatre was never the right place for… Read more.

Some showbiz shopping

Time to look at a few new (and newish) show biz related products… Mother’s Day has just gone, and now is the time when new music theatre and show biz items appear on the marketplace either in stores or on the internet to buy. I guess the thinking behind show biz items appearing at this… Read more.

Too Much Forward Planning

It seems like yesterday that every theatre producer was bemoaning the inability to bring certain productions to Australia due to a shortage of theatres in our key capitals (mainly Sydney and Melbourne). So why have so many of said theatres been dark for a good part of the end of last year and into this… Read more.

Life Is No Cabaret

One of the worst pieces of showbiz news I have heard lately is that the classic Oak Room cabaret lounge in the iconic Algonquin Hotel in New York has closed. This room has played host to some of the greats of cabaret around the world and the room, like the hotel, is drenched in New… Read more.

Truly a singular sensation

Truly a singular sensation

For some people, seeing old movies can take them back to a time and place and replicate a moment in their lives. For me, it can be theatre. Sadly, I have often been very disappointed to go back to a new production of a favourite musical and be sadly disappointed that it has been tampered… Read more.