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Tough Times Ahead

I read someone recently on one of the forums comment that this is a boom time for musicals in Australia – WRONG!! A few shows coming into cities (and some of them new musicals getting an off-off-off Broadway tryout) does not constitute a boom time. In fact, all theatre managements are struggling at the… Read more.

South Pacific: Return of one of the Greats

I have been more than a little irritated by some of the comments I have picked up in the last few weeks regarding the revival by Opera Australia and John Frost of the Lincoln Center production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s almighty classic South Pacific. As actors all over the countryside prepare for auditions which are… Read more.

Legendary women of Aussie theatre

A couple of years ago I wrote about the sad fact that the way the industry is today it is hard for local artists to become household names, or “stars” if you like, through leads in local productions of large commercial stage shows (which by their nature tend to be musicals).