Straight To The Point

The Standard Remains High

A good friend of mine who works extensively in television in different locations around the world, recently brought up the subject of the dumbing down of standards across the board in every area of entertainment.

Exciting new musicals in our midst

I note there are no fewer than nine new musicals opening on Broadway this season. Already several have started but it will take a lot for any of them to eclipse the current hottest ticket on Broadway in some years – namely Book of Mormon which has opened to the sort of overwhelmingly positive reviews… Read more.

Around the world – part two

London is a city for which  I have long had a love/hate relationship. I love the theatres, the shows, the fabulous little shops and the fact they still have CD and DVD stores. I loathe the crowds and the fact that (unlike New York) the West End is over run from Thursday to Sunday after… Read more.

Season’s greetings to all

This will be my last column for 2010. I hope to be back with the column in early February after a business trip that will include quick pit stops to New York and London as part of visit to see a client play a major lead in America.

Coup de Theatre

Coup de Theatre — I have always loved that term. It comes from the french, but is defined as being “a sensational bit of stagecraft”.  How many shows have you seen where suddenly you realise you are watching a very rare moment where staging, performance, gimmickry and just plain magic come together? The same effect… Read more.

Goodbye to a great course

Last Friday night I attended (as I do each year) the showcase graduation of the NIDA Diploma of Music Theatre course. It’s a hectic time of the year for me with graduations and showcases up the wazoo (I have never understood why all the acting academies send their students into the industry at the same… Read more.