Straight To The Point

Perfect time to head to NYC

In the last few days, I have had three friends suddenly jump out and  organise a trip to New York. Before I knew they had gone. It doesn’t take much to work out why people are suddenly jumping on planes to the theatre capital – the dollar.

Theatre CDs and DVDs

There has been a proliferation of new cast albums recently from London and New York. So i thought I would spend this week looking at some of them, they make Xmas gifts and from some of these releases will come local productions of these mix of new musicals and revivals, but firstly the concert of… Read more.

The problem with Sydney

A reader of this column began to avidly discuss with me tonight “the dreadful news that has come out of Melbourne today”.  I knew Dame Joan had died, but I knew that hadn’t happened in Melbourne but as I had been working in the theatre all day, I thought maybe someone had blown up one… Read more.

The people are still singing

It was nice over the weekend in the Sydney and Melbourne Good Weekend to see that despite all the hoo-ha and nonsense surrounding endless football matches (one day I will write about my utter hate of Australia’s obsession with sport and particularly all things football!!)  that space was put aside to celebrate the Les Miserables… Read more.

A Wicked farewell

I know writing a column about Wicked when it has had such extensive coverage on this site over the last two years may seem a bit redundant, but after attending the final Sydney peerformance on the weekend, I got to thinking about a number of aspects of this production which has been one of the most important… Read more.

Dinner and a coffee a near impossibility

I  went to see Jersey Boys the other night. My fourth visit, once on Broadway and now three times in Australia. Now, this is never going to be one of my favourite musicals, the pop/jukebox musical is one I generally detest, but this show re-writes that genre brilliantly. 

Crystal ball gazing

I read the forums on this site from time to time, to see what people want to talk about. It seems there is a lot of conjecture about new productions about to open and also productions that are mooted over the next two years.


I have just had a terrific week. Getting on a plane and getting away is always invigorating whether it be overnight to Melbourne or further afield overseas etc. Going to Perth is not something I do very often, only because it is so far away and there has to be a pretty good reason for… Read more.