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Flops part two

Before starting the second column on this topic, I must add that the amount of commercial musical flops as opposed to the extraordinary success of so many commercial musicals is quite remarkable. So much care is taken with a big show before it comes to Australia to ensure timing and casting etc will all help… Read more.

Where’s the microphones

I can remember as a callow youth in the early 60s being in a high school production of Oklahoma. Being very proud of the whole experience I was talking to my father after the show who complained “I had trouble hearing them, why weren’t they miked?” I threw my very young hands up in horror… Read more.

Venue shortage a serious issue

I was so pleased to see Bryce Hallett’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald last Saturday, highlighting a problem everyone in the industry has been discussing for some time, the future shortage of theatres in Sydney capable of housing major commercial productions (and specifically musicals).

A tough choice for actors

In the last week I have been looking around the fringe theatre scene in Sydney. Often a vibrant and exciting theatre alternative to the mainstream productions. The one word that goes with most of the fringe theatre scene is “co-op”. Just about every show performed in our small theatres in any of our capital cities… Read more.

More previews please

When a show opens on Broadway, especially a big musical, it is normal practice to have up to 28 previews before opening night. During the last week of these previews, critics are invited to the show, but by this time the cast is well and truly settled into their stage routine and also have become… Read more.

A festival that leads the way

There is nothing more enjoyable when returning to some journalism for the first time for a while, to be able to write one’s first column for this website with subject matter that is full of praise. With all the many problems within the Australian entertainment/arts scene, where so many things are a challenge and occur in… Read more.

Wicked cast presents magical night In The Woods

After sitting enraptured for three and a half hours during last Monday night’s performance of Into The Woods, (a one-off one night only concert performed by the cast of Wicked), I tried to remember when something like this had been attempted in the past; ie – a full scale performance of a music theatre work performed by a resident company… Read more.

Calling All Angels

For those of you who heard [email protected] last weekend, this article will come as no surprise. For those of you who didn’t, I write a compressed version of the discussion here. There was an article in THE AUSTRALIAN last week. In a nutshell, SBS followed 2 rookie Music Theatre writers – Marcus Cheong and Ken… Read more.