Hamilton Hall The Musical

A simple story about a local town hall is turned into a hilarious musical memoir by a group of talented actors. The great song lyrics and humour turn the non-descript hall’s little stage into a fun night for all.

The Bedroom Philosopher: Songs from the 86 Tram

Songs from the 86 Tram’s capture of Melbourne is so perfect that it should be seen by everyone who has ever caught the 86 tram, everyone who has ever caught any tram in Melbourne and everyone who lives in Melbourne, has visited Melbourne or knows that a tram is neither bus nor train.

Dead River

It’s been three years since Kate McLennan’s The Debutante Diaries won Fringe awards, headed off to Edinburgh and left us holding our breath for more. In Dead River, McLennan teams up again with director Fiona Harris and fellow Debutante devotees will be thrilled.

Home Economics

I’m consulting my gay-o-meter to confirm, but I think that Home Economics, Declan Greenes’ second Fringe work, may be gayer than his wrong and black wonder A Black Joy. Dec is taking a very big bite of the Fringe this year and making us open up wide to fit all of his writerly goodness in.

Lorraine’s Hair and Face

How we love laughing at bogans, bad coifs and atrocious coffee, so what better place to set an Aussie musical than an outer-suburb hair salon? Being a bit ‘obsessed by hairs’ myself, I booked in for a cut-price special and cup of International Roast* at Lorraine’s Hair and Face.

Donna and Damo

Can true love flourish without a pash? Or even a bit of under-the-jumper action? Neither Donna nor Damo care for that stuff and, even though I’m now hopelessly in love with both of them, I can’t imagine more that perhaps going on a nice picnic together or sharing a pizza as we watch the Logies.


The raging fires that blistered Victoria’s North East in 2003 ignited courage and heartbreak. Campion Decent’s Embers is an authentic collage of stories from the community who fought to protect their lives, their homes, and their land.

A Black Joy (2)

Deep underneath the shops and restaurants of Flinders Lane, a parallel world comes into being when A Black Joy takes on wild themes of celebrity, sibling rivalry and serial killing.

Work In Progress

Increasingly the Fringe has become a testing ground for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with big names experimenting with new material in smaller venues and a traditionally more forgiving audience. This trend provides Fringe audiences a great opportunity to see fresh shows in intimate venues.

The List Operators for Kids

Jumper? Check. Moustache? Check. The List Operators for Kids is bum burping its way through the Fringe kids program and after this hour, your children may burn their High-4-Wiggles DVDs in protest against sanitised, nice kid’s entertainment.