Frankly Winehouse: The Amy Winehouse Cabaret

The Butterfly Club,

From: 23 Mar 2017 To: 26 Mar 2017




Hot from a jam-packed sell-out seasons in Perth & Adelaide earlier this year, meet Amy Winehouse, back from the grave. Devised and written by Ashleigh Kreveld, this is an all out cabaret experience featuring all the soul, sass and vulnerability of this late modern legend.

Frankly Winehouse, featuring Ashleigh Kreveld as Amy Winehouse, plays at Melbourne icon The Butterfly Club on the 23rd, 25th & 26th of March, for 3 shows only.

Joining the 27 Club like many great music legends before her, Amy Winehouse’s legacy has truly lived on. With a voice that ignites all, and the talent and ingenuity to match, Amy Winehouse has a story of intrigue, torment and passion.
Ashleigh Kreveld steps into the world of Winehouse – delving well past the beehive, caked-on eyeliner and cleavage, and into the damaged, but divine, rawness of Amy Winehouse.
Featuring all the gags, eye-rolls and witty repartee of the cheeky Amy, watch this diva delve into her life of addiction, pop idols, ‘f*ck me pumps’ and what really held that hair up.

Soaring through each brilliantly constructed, gin-soaked and smoky ditty Winehouse ever wrote, plus some killer covers, this cabaret paints a stunning portrait of Amy and revokes the spirit of an incredible artist the world lost too soon.

If you’re an Amy fan, jazz lover or intrigued by this hauntingly broken soul and our media’s obsession with celebrity, then this is the cabaret experience for you.

“That voice! The very sound of it will give you goosebumps” – The West Australian
“A perfect cabaret, beautifully sung” – Theatre People

“This is a fascinating portrait by a skilled singer and actor and accompanist” – Australian Stage