Presented by: Dusk till Dawn Productions

The Afterglow

by Emily Stekly

The Owl & Cat Theatre,

From: 29 Sep 2015 To: 03 Oct 2015


Opening Night: All tickets $20! Other Nights: $25(C) $30(F)

9:30pm (70 mins) + Matinee 3:30pm on 3 Oct

DEATH is coming to The Owl & Cat Theatre in Richmond this September.

“The Afterglow” is an exciting one-woman play that invites you to follow Death’s impact on the lives and rituals of four interweaving characters.

There’s Dr Erika, the ambitious Irish anthropologist who travels to the Amazon in an effort to understand the practices of the last known cannibalistic tribe. Nanai, the Filipino elder whose reverence for the ancient mountain spirits is at odds with the influx of tourists and young generational attitudes toward tradition. Aggie, the hardened widow, whose secret ending to a broken marriage is revealed as she slowly disintegrates in a nursing home. And finally, Emma, the angst-ridden twenty-something who grapples with unresolved conflict after the loss of a destructive parent.

It is an intimate look at how we define ourselves by the very thing we fear and cannot conquer. Presenting 1 actress and 4 characters, the stories are an interwoven exploration of mourning and mortality, funereal rites and cultural tradition.