Bossy Boots: Amy Lehpamer on how to bake a musical

Amy Lehpamer is currently rehearsing her latest project, Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert, which will open at Theatre Works (Melbourne) on November 16. She has penned a rehearsal blog exclusive to AussieTheatre for a little insight into this innovative and revolutionary musical.

Amy Lehpamer will star as Margaret Fulton, Queen of the Dessert
Amy Lehpamer will star as Margaret Fulton, Queen of the Dessert

Sometimes I forget how bossy I can be. In the last few years, I have been privy to dazzling talent and watched extraordinary creative minds make magic. In those situations, as a young up-n-comer, I might have lost some of my conceit, dropped the 'first affirmative of the debating side' streak in favour of a meek, deer in footlights version of myself. I did as I was told, save a few interjections that I would rue voicing for days afterward.

The creative team of Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert for better or worse, has released the bossy beast. I’m back, baby, and putting my two cents in all over the place. I have contemplated putting a jar in the rehearsal room and filling it with 5c coins for every daft suggestion I make.

I must write that the creative team are extraordinarily capable individuals. Capable undersells them entirely. Their talent is inspirational. Bryce Ives and Nate Gilkes’ brains whirr at a rate that is almost audible. In fact, I think Nate’s brain patterns manifest themselves in the keyboard, unleashing a mania that is at once invigorating, challenging and harmonious. Bryce’s grip on the piece, it’s flow, the dynamics – are extraordinary and so far reaching and yet he remains flexible and has an almost lustful relationship with possibility.

[pull_left]It's charming the theatrical pants off all of us[/pull_left]

It’s no surprise to me, then, that this beast of a mouth of mine h

as resurfaced. I am so extraordinarily comfortable with these people. The rehearsal room is the safest, most alive space I have ever entered. There is an innate sense that any ideas held back are wasted potential. I leave the rehearsal room without regret. Buzzing with the energy we’ve created and yet drained because I’ve left so much in the room. It’s an amazing feeling.

Amy Lehpamer in rehearsals for Fulton
Amy Lehpamer in rehearsals for Fulton

It’s in this space that Josh, Zoe, Zoy, Laura and I get to play and make Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert come alive. And we are all so excited about it. I know you will love the piece. I am so confident within it, even in its developmental stages. It feels like something to love. It has a personality, full of colour, story, as it should given its namesake’s inspirational story. And it’s charming the theatrical pants off all of us.

My greatest hope is that this energy, creativity, this extraordinarily playful, safe space we have been working in translates itself to Theatre Works in November and beyond. I am so confident it will. We are all committed to getting the best of ourselves into the piece and cannot wait til it’s baked and ready to perform.

Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert is presented by PresentTense and Theatre Works.

Preview Performances:
Friday 16th of November 8pm
Saturday 17th of November 3pm & 8pm
Sunday 18th of November 6pm
Tuesday 20th of November 8pm

Season Performances:
Wednesday 21st of November 8pm
Thursday 22nd of November 8pm
Friday 23rd of November 7pm & 9.30pm
Saturday 24th of November 7pm & 9.30pm
Tuesday 27th of November 8pm
Wednesday 28th of November 8pm
Thursday 29th of November 8pm
Friday 30th of November 7pm & 9.30pm
Saturday 1st of December 7pm & 9.30pm


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