Choreographer and Performer Peta Anderson talks DRUMMER QUEENS

These women are ready to rock!

Drummer Queens is a brand new powerhouse of a show, reshaping what we know as live performance. Mashing together percussion and dance, it’s a true celebration of rhythm and beat, lead by a stellar team of 8 women. The show made its premiere in Sydney earlier this year, and will be touring to Melbourne, Brisbane, and Regional Australia through to September.

Peta Anderson

Peta Anderson is not only the show’s choreographer, but is also starring alongside the formidable line up of talented queens.

Peta is one of Australia’s leading Tap dancers, and is taking the world by storm by combining her knowledge in both Irish and Tap dance styles to create unique rhythms found within her love of both percussive forms of dance. She started dancing at the age of 3 in Sydney, going on to complete a Diploma in Performing Arts at Dance World Studios, Melbourne. Some of her previous credits include The Rhythms of Ireland (Aus/NZ), Dance of Desire (China), Dance Off (RTE, Ireland), Noctu (Broadway), Riverdance 20th Anniversary Tour (Aus/NZ/Ireland/EU/UK/China), and Heartbeat of Home (Ireland/China/Canada).

With Drummer Queens opening in Melbourne next week, we chat with Peta about her time working on the show.

What has been the most challenging part of choreographing Drummer Queens?

The Drummer Queens are first and foremost musicians, so when choreographing the show I had to make sure the music was playable whilst still adding the movement. The other thing was, I needed to become accustomed to using the language of musicians and always counting in bars as well as knowing exactly what bar we were in rather than using counts of 8 which dancers would normally use.

How is Drummer Queens different to shows you’ve been part of in the past?

In Drummer Queens each performer on stage is performing a lead role, as everyone features in their specialised art forms as well as supporting everyone else throughout the show. I think the fact this show can hold itself with 8 women is a testament to the talent of each performer as there is no ensemble of 15 or more behind them, like I have had in every other show I’ve been in.

Why do you think it’s important to have shows like this touring?

I think it’s important for new and current works to be created, especially in Australia, because there are so many people here who often have to head overseas to make a living. I also love that this show is made up of female drummers when drumming itself is such a male dominated art form.

How has it been both choreographing and performing?

To be both choreographing and performing is honestly a dream come true for me. Both roles definitely help each other in this show. Whilst making sure I know how to play every each number to perform in the show, this then helps me to know what is possible for the choreography to go with it and my ideas go off like fireworks as I see the number come to life. The best part is I play the tap dancer in the show, and I’d have to say if I was was watching the show from afar I would be wanting to play that role with all my heart… so very grateful I get to do both!

Why should audiences come and see Drummer Queens?

Drummer Queens as a show is something you need to experience as it’s nothing you can imagine till you do! This show is theatrical, rhymical and hugely energetic, and will take you on a journey from the start to finish! Drummer Queens is world class.

Drummer Queens opens in Melbourne on April 28th. For tickets and more information, visit

Gabi Bergman

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Gabi Bergman

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