Melbourne Fringe Fever: We catch up with Miles O'Neil


Our latest Fringe Fever Feature is with actor Miles O’Neil who will be performing his second solo show Miles O’Neil’s World Around Us II at the Melbourne Fringe.

Miles O’Neil is best known as part of the junkyard theatre The Suitcase Royale. They first came to attention in 2005, especially when they were grabbed for the Melbourne International Arts Festival. They now spend a lot of time performing around Europe and can usually be seen here at A Last Tuesday Society gig. Last Fringe (2010) Miles performed his first solo show and everyone lucky enough to catch this mellow late-night delight, won’t miss that this year’s part II.

Show Info:


What’s your show called?
Miles O’Neil’s World Around Us II When is it on?
23–30 September 

Where is it on?  
North Melbourne Town Hall

How do you get there by public transport?
A tram goes up Elizabeth Street i believe, but i can’t remember which one. Stand at the stop, ask around. (Ed note: Tram 57) Is there parking?
Sure is. 

What time does it start?
How much are tickets?
$15 / $12 Are tickets available at the door?
Most likely

 For more information, visit: Miles O’Neil’s World Around Us II 

A Quick Chat With Miles O’Neil 

Miles O'Neil

What three words best describe you Fringe show?
Songs, Stories, Super8

Who does your show speak to?
The audience, I hope.

What other Fringe show will you NOT miss?

Me, Pregnant and Sweet Child of Mine.

What other Fringe show do you wish you were in?
The above.

What do you love most about the Melbourne Fringe?
Sinking pots at The Town Hall Hotel both pre- and post- show. What a glorious pub that one is.

How many Melbourne Fringes have you performed in?

If you could invite anyone to see your show (and you know they would come), who would it be?
The families in the found Super 8 home movies I show. Though if they didn’t like what I was doing it could go quite badly.

What is the best theatre advice you’ve received?
Try to tell a good story. And always face the front.

What was your most embarrassing moment on stage?
Almost everything that could go wrong on stage has gone wrong in shows with The Suitcase Royale, so it’s hard to get me embarrassed on stage. I did fall over into a set of stairs while doing a rock jump during a song in The Ballad of Backbone Joe in Edinburgh last year. Actually yeah, thinking back that was horribly embarrassing.

Do you have any pre- or post-show rituals?
Beers always taste best after a show however, they taste quite good before and during a show too.

What was the last book you read?
The White Album by Joan Didion. Highly recommended.  

What TV show do you never miss?
I really liked Game of Thrones, but really who didn’t?

What film will you watch again and again?
Dumb and Dumber

Who will hate your Fringe show?
No one, I hope.

What show changed how you see theatre? Why?
I really loved a show called Phobia that was on in Melbourne seven years or so ago. It was the “every show must have a beginning middle and end but not necessarily in that order” moment for me.

What is the first theatre show you remember seeing?
Wind in the Willows in the Botanical Gardens.

What director/actor/writer would you just die to work with?
I just want to be in the western Tarantino is directing next.

What is your favourite theatre space in Melbourne?
The Atheneum.

Where in Melbourne do you always take visitors
A secret spot with the best view of the city with a six pack.

How do you have your coffee?
I’m on the flat whites at the moment.

What’s the best pizza topping?
Parma ham, napoli sauce, motz and rocket: classic.

What do love most about your Fringe show?
Showing people found super 8 movies. 

You can read old AussieTheatre reviews of Miles and The Suitcase Royale at Anne-Marie’s blog




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