Quiz: How well do you know your theatre terminology?

Are you up with all the ‘theatrical lingo’?

Take our quiz to see how well you know your ghost light from your spot light and your chickens from your chookas.

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Q 1. What is a Dry Tech?

A technical rehearsal without performers

A technical rehearsal with out sound

A rehearsal with out any alcohol

A type of costume that draws sweat away from the skin

Q 2. How long before the start of a show is the Five Minute Call?

Five Minutes

Ten Minutes

Two Minutes

Fifteen Minutes

Q 3. What would be referred to as cans?



Part of the ensemble girls’ anatomy

Something your soup comes in

Q 4. If an actor is said to have 'corpsed' they have...

Burst into laughter

Forgotten their lines

Frozen with stage fright

Previously played a dead character

Q 5. In a theatre, what is know as the Rag?

The stage curtain

The newspaper with reviews of the show

The towel a performer keeps on the side of the stage

The red carpet at opening night

Photo by: Ian Wilson - https://www.flickr.com/photos/foolstopzanet/

Q 6. Where is Prompt Side in a theatre?

The stage management office

Stage left

Where the professional line prompter sits

Stage right

Q 7. An actor is said to be 'Off Book' if they...

Improvising instead of following the script

Are drunk. "Wow James was totally off book at the pub last night".

Know their lines with out looking at a script

Are being paid cash in hand

Q 8. What is a Sitzprobe?

A rehearsal with the orchestra and performers specifically focussed on the music

An early rehearsal used to probe into the situations explored in the show

A debrief conducted after the final performance of a show

Part of the audition process

Q 9. What is a Triple Threat?

A performer who can Act, Sing and Dance

A theatrical device used to confuse the audience, particularly in a thriller

A day with three performances

A rare disease that only affects singers

Q 10. Which play is know at 'The Scottish Play'?

Train Spotting

King Lear



Q 11. It is bad luck to whistle in a theatre. Why?

Everybody finds whistling annoying!

Traditionally whistling was used as a signal to start a scene change

Sopranos can become annoyed if they are not the highest sound in the building

The sound frequency travels a long way and can be heard clearly on stage

Q 12. What is the traditional way of wishing an actor good luck in Australia?

Into the mouth of the wolf

Try not to stuff it up... this time!


Break a leg

Q 13. What is a Ghost Light?

A bright spotlight that makes an actor look ghostly white

The light that hangs above stage door

A light that is left on stage turned on when the theatre is dark

A light that produces a large shadow behind an actor

Theatrical Know-It-All

Congratulations! You know your way around a theatre and would be more than comfortable propping up the bar at a Thirsty Thursdays.

You're a Leading Player!

You've definitely stood at stage door to meet one of your favourite performers at least once and have belted out Nessun Dorma / recited Shakespeare to unsuspecting relatives / practiced your bevel at SOME point in your life.

I did a little theatre, once...

You did a musical once at uni, because you had a crush on that person you say next to in Stats and they were doing it.

They turned out to be way too theatrical!

Theatrical what?

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