Quiz: Guess the show!

Have you seen every show that comes to town, and then some?

Have you read all of Shakespeare’s plays (and do you keep them in a handy app on your iphone for quick reference)?

Are you a walking music theatre encyclopaedia?

Take our quiz below and see how you score!

Q 1. On which play by George Bernard Shaw is the musical My Fair Lady based?



My Fair Flopsy

Arms and the Man

Q 2. Handspring Puppet Company achieved critical acclaim for their work on which internationally renowned production?

The Lion King

Wolverine The Musical

War Horse

Avenue Q

Q 3. In which of Shakespeare's plays would you find this famous quote? “When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married.”

All's Well that Ends Well

The Taming of the Shrew

Romeo and Juliet

Much ado about Nothing

Q 4. Which Australian musical with book and lyrics by Nick Enright begins its narrative on Boxing Day 1945 in outback Australia?

We Will Rock You

Summer Rain

Mary Bryant

Miracle City

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll WAAPA 2012

Q 5. Which Ray Lawler play opened at the Union Theatre Repertory Company in 1955, sparking a change in the way Australian playwrights told Australian stories on stage?

Kid Stakes

The Piccadilly Bushman

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

Other Times

Q 6. "Stella!" is a famous quote from which play?

A Streetcar Named Desire

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The Glass Menagerie

The Rose Tattoo

Q 7. Commercial advertising favourite 'Nessun Dorma' is an aria from which opera?


La Traviata


Don Giovanni

Q 8. Which musical, with music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe, explores the concepts of acceptance and love and was performed off Broadway in 2001?

Legally Blonde

Bat Boy


You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

Q 9. The Tony Award winning musical Kinky Boots features music by which American pop star?

Carole King

Lady Gaga

Dolly Parton

Cyndi Lauper

Q 10. Which musical by Jason Robert Brown has recently been made into a feature film starring Anna Kendrick?


The Last Five Years

Into The Woods

Songs For A New World

Q 11. Which 1927 American musical is said to be a seminal work in the musical theatre canon because of its departure from the 'musical comedy' format and its focus on storytelling.

Show Boat

The Book of Mormon

Porgy and Bess

The Threepenny Opera

Q 12. Which musical's lead characters are simply known as "Girl" and "Guy"?

Once on this Island

Salad Days

Once We Lived Here


Q 13. Which Puccini opera was adapted into Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil's 1989 smash, Miss Saigon?

Madama Butterfly

La bohème



Q 14. Which Mozart opera has received acclaim worldwide in a new production featuring the puppetry of The Lion King's Julie Taymor?

The Magic Flute

Don Giovanni

The Marriage of Figaro

The Enchanted Lute

Q 15. Mack The Knife, made famous as a jazz standard by Ella Fitzgerald, originally featured in which work?

Mack and Mabel


Some Like It Hot

The Threepenny Opera

Theatrical Know-It-All

Congratulations! You've either studied your history of theatre notes from drama school, seen every show on the list, listened to every cast album you can get your hands on (and you're still searching for more!), or read every script and libretto in Perth's Alexander library. You're a theatrical know-it-all!

You're a Leading Player!

You've definitely stood at stage door to meet one of your favourite performers at least once and have belted out Nessun Dorma/recited Shakespeare to unsuspecting relatives/practiced your bevel at SOME point in your life.

My mum buys me tickets for Christmas

You love the theatre scene, and enjoy watching the shows when they come to town, but you don't have enough room in your brain to remember EVERY detail about EVERY genre!

Theatrical what?

Did you find this quiz by mistake? Perhaps a crash course in the history of the arts wouldn't go astray before you attempt the quiz again!

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