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    ACTING WORLD ( ) provides acting training established upon the principles practiced by the famous Moscow Art Theatre, which empowered many Hollywood stars to create their most memorable work on stage and films. Individual coaching is available on request.
    Tutor: Natela Dzuliashvili – internationally renowned former NIDA acting teacher.
    Amongst her students such actors as Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Teresa Palmer, Alex O’Lachlan, Jessica Napier, Ritchie Singer, Les Chantery, Bojana Novakovich, Ian Roberts, to name just a few.
    Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in Acting World courses. They’ll teach you how to be a competent, professional, independent and powerful actor.

    Classes run in SYDNEY CITY CENTRE a few steps away from Central.
    CONTACT [email protected]

    The upcoming masterclasses:


    This MICHAEL CHEKHOV ACTING TECHNIQUE Masterclass is suitable for those who have previous acting training or/and some experience performing on the stage or in front of the camera. 
Using psycho-physical exercises and movements that generate emotions we improvise and rehearse scenes and monologues. The aim of this workshop is to teach actors how to use Michael Chekhov Acting Technique as a way to improve and apply their own talent.

    The course starts on 12 July and runs for 8 Tuesdays until the 30 August 2016.
    Hours: 7pm. – 9.30pm.
    Price: $420
    Class size is limited to 15.

    AN ACTOR PREPARES 6-week course.

    This STANISLAVSKY METHOD ACTING Masterclass is based on Improvisation and is designed to boost participants’ level of confidence, vitality and technical proficiency. This course is a journey from the meaning to the word. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced actors.

    The course starts on 28 July and runs for 6 Thursdays until the 1 September 2016.
    Hours: 7pm. – 9.30pm.
    Price: $320.
    Class size is limited to 16.

    For more information please visit

    The unique actor training system, small classes and great value for money make these acting courses so popular that they fill up fast.

    EMAIL [email protected] for the enrolment details.


    Natela is an excellent teacher, specialising in the Russian school of acting, notably the important acting techniques of Konstantin Stanislavsky. she works with great honesty, integrity and is an inspirational teacher.

    – Tony Knight, Head of Acting (2003), NIDA

    In just six weeks, Natela’s course and her no fuss, direct approach, gave me the tools and the confidence to power through a gruelling audition process and score a lead role in the upcoming US Telemovie of the week: – Dynasty (Behind the Scenes). I would highly recommend any of her courses to all actors – either amateur or professional, beginner or experienced. No one teaches Stanislavsky like this lady can!

    – Ritchie Singer, Actor.

    Natela’s classes are the best classes I have ever attended. I wish I were in Sydney… On the plus side, I’m in LA and my career is going well. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Natela. I’m not just saying that – I seriously wish I could study with Natela here in LA.

    – Laura Rossi, Actress.

    Dear Natela! I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson I had with you. In fact I have never felt so inspired for so long! It’s if I have grown my own set of wings! I can strongly recommend your Mechanics of Emotions, Presence and Charisma course to any actor who is passionate about their craft as I am. Michael Chekhov’s Acting Tehnique is the most readily available, harmonious and creative method there is. I cannot thank you enough for teaching it to me! I thought you’d like to know that for some of the more intense castings I did use Chekhov, it made it a lot easier to focus on the job. I’m excited for the future and I feel more focused and determined.

    – Clayton Moss, Lead Actor “Dealing with Destiny”.



    I am in New Brunswick in CA, and when it comes to improvisation and acting workshops, it always comes to my mind the aspect of being a good actor. SmartLeese Creative, it is where I started, aside from personal coaching, I have learned many values of the course such as becoming open-minded and being strong among criticisms. Part of my course is the way of surprise character interactions, which leads me to become more enthusiastic. By the way, this is their website

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