My Fair Lady

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    Its long ben considered the greatest of all musicals although some might have a few others ahead of it. It is however a true gem. If musicals are judged by their scores then MFL is a true clasic. The story is beautiful.
    This production directed by Dame Julie Andrews no less!
    Its a pretty much faultless production.Anna O Byrne is a brilliant Eliza. Vulnerble and gutsy. Her Eliza isa wondefully poweful construction. Vocally perfect but its OBtrne the actress that really impresses. Charl EDwards is a brilliant Higgens. The perfect cauvenit but once again a fine actor.
    Reg Livermore has rarely let us down and he relishes in this role. Its brilliant.
    oung Mark Vincest sigs On HeStreet Where you live btter than I hav ever heard of it.
    Long may the lady rign ndnever stop reviving here.

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