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    Does anyone know why the cast of this Julie Andrews production has not yet been released ? It is way overdue when you consider it is only 3 months to opening. Why the big secrecy ?



    No idea! The auditions were ages ago. Last I heard was this article from March:

    At the end it says they’re hoping to finalise the cast by early May and quote Frost saying “I’d like to think there may be a few surprises and some pairings people will be very pleased to see, if it comes together and if we can afford our wish list”

    I suppose they’re in no hurry to announce a cast when they’ve already got a famous name on board to use for publicity (ie Julie Andrews), but on the other hand it does seem a suspiciously long time to wait for cast announcements. I wonder if they’re having trouble filling the roles. With Frost talking about being able to afford the wish list it makes me a little nervous he’s going to hire some famous disasters.

    I haven’t heard any rumours about who they’ll cast, other than a few Anthony Warlow fans who are convinced he’ll be Higgins. Fingers crossed they’re right.



    Frost has absolutely zero artistic integrity so, if left to him, he’d cast David Hasselhoff as Higgins if it got some free publicity – with Frost’s best mate Alan Jones as Eliza (and the obligatory Bert Newton as Pickering)

    Anthony Warlow would be wonderful of course. I’d like to see Tony Sheldon play Higgins – he brings such heart to any show, he’d be wonderful



    Casting has been finalised – but yet to be announced. Eliza will be an import 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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