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    Such a great show last night. My first time at Twisted broadway and I loved it! Hilarious and sweet and showcased so much talent. My fav numbers were:
    – Glaston Toft & Anthony Harkin’s Broadway medley
    – Naughty (from Matilda) by the Mary Poppins & Chitty Chitty boys (I teared up- such a great song and they were so good and THEY ARE THE FUTURE!)
    – Taylor the latte boy by John O’Hara
    – Forget about the boy by Nathan Pinnell and dancers- GREAT number! Love him.
    – Bend & Snap (Ashley Mackenzie and others)
    – Hey Big Spender (Dean Vince and others)
    – Matthew Robinson’s ‘Sally’s List’ from his musical Happy People (when can we see that in Melb??)

    I’m trying to compile a set list but am having some trouble. Everyone is listed in the program but the numbers aren’t and I’m not overly familiar with a lot of the performers. Can anyone help fill the blanks for me of the following:

    1. Teagan Wouters sang______ (something with the words “marry me”)
    2. Drew Weston, Ed Grey & Luigi Lucente sang a medley of Someone to watch over me, Can’t help lovin dat man, and ______? The song that Ed Grey did the bulk of
    3. Who were the Matilda boys besides Jack Lyall, Beau Woodridge & Kurtis Papadinis? There were 2 others
    4. Jemma Rix & Sophie Carter sang _______? Something that mentioned Tolstoy?
    5. Who did Bend & Snap? There were 6 guys. I THINK 4 of them were Ashley Mackenzie, Ed Deganos, Ray Balisoro & Tod Strike…
    6. Who did Big Spender? There were quite a few guys in this one…
    7. Who sang Somewhere that’s green?

    Thanks 🙂



    It was my first Twisted Broadway too! Fantastic evening. I’d love to see that set list when you’re done. I’ll try to fill in whatever gaps I can.

    1. Marry Me from The Rink (I remembered a snippet of the lyrics and that’s what came from my Google search!)
    2. ???
    3. I think one was Xavier Porter.
    4. You’re Nothing Without Me from City of Angels
    5. ???
    6. The male cast of King Kong. Definitely Dean Vince, Ross Hannaford, Andrew Cook and Scott McConnell. Charles Bartley, Damien Bermingham, Sam Hooper, Travis Khan, Sam Marks, Glenn Oliver, Chris Ostrenski and Joshua Robson are all the King Kong boys listed (however Charlie had no idea what we were talking about when we asked if he’d been there the night before at KK last night, so I can’t guarantee that they were all there!).
    7. Zoy Frangos (who isn’t listed in the program)



    I swear I did not see Charles Bartley at any point during the show!

    Thanks for your help Stephie!



    Ok Xavier Porter is right and the other boy was Anthony Wright

    I also forgot another: who did Live in Living Colour? I think they were all from King Kong? Who was the main vocal?



    Ok so I think Bend and Snap was: Ashley Mckenzie, Ed Deganos, Ray Balisoro, Tod Strike, Matt Holly, Tobias Madden, and Sage Douglas

    And Live in living colour: Loren Hunter, Samantha Hagen, Melanie Hawkins, Leah Lim, Romina Villafranca, Hayley Martin and i THINK Danni Hegarty

    Hey Big Spender – arghhhh! There’s 13 KK males listed in program but there were only 10 of them – I don’t think Damien Bermingham or Charles Bartley were in it…



    For the lead vocal in Live in Living Colour, I can guarantee it was NOT Sam Hagen, Melanie Hawkins, Leah Lim or Romina Villafranca. I’m guessing from looking at their KK headshots that it was Loren Hunter, but I’m not 100% sure. Amy Berrisford is also in the program, but there was definitely 7 girls on stage.

    13 KK boys? I can only see 12 (although Joshua Robson is listed twice). As I said, Charles Bartley had no clue what Twisted Broadway was, so we can either conclude that he had way too much to drink at Curve Bar after the show or that he was not there. As you can’t recall seeing him, I think we’ll go the latter. I also agree that Damien Bermingham was definitely not in it.

    The pictures are here if that helps you to ID them:



    Think it was Loren Hunter- she was tagged in the photo album on Facebook.

    What was the song Ed Grey did?? Ahhh can’t even remember the lyrics



    Ok so set list (still don’t know that song Ed Grey did though)

    1. Roxie (Chicago) – Trevor Ashley
    2. Marry me (The Rink) – Teagan Wouters
    3. An old-fashioned wedding (Annie get your gun)- Brenton Wilson & Liam McIlwain
    4. Get me to the church on time (My Fair Lady) – Angela Scundi
    5. Naughty (Matilda) – Jack Lyall, Beau Woodridge, Kurtis Papadinis, Anthony Wright & Xavier Porter
    6. Taylor the latte boy (Kristin Chenoweth) – John O’Hara
    7. You’re nothing without me (City of Angels) – Jemma Rix & Sophie Carter
    8. Somewhere that’s green (Little shop of horrors) – Zoy Frangos
    9. Man of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote) (Man of La Mancha) – Lisa Marie Parker (dancers: Max Trengove & Romina Villafranca)
    10. I’m just a girl who can’t say no (Oklahoma) – Alan Fletcher
    11. Use what you’ve got (The Life) – Erika Heynatz
    12. Forget about the boy (Thoroughly Modern Millie) – Nathan Pinnell (not sure about dancers – I think most were VCA students but there was also Liam McIlwain I think and some others)
    13. Hey Big Spender (Sweet Charity) – Dean Vince, Ross Hannaford, Sam Marks, Scott McConnell, Sam Hooper, Travis Khan, Glen Oliver, Chris Ostrenski, Joshua Robson, Maxwell Trengove, Andrew Cook (I think one of them wasn’t in it but not sure who)
    14. Sally’s List (Happy People) – Matthew Robinson
    15. Someone to Watch Over me/ Can’t help lovin’ dat man/ _____? (Crazy for you/ Showboat/ ___?) – Drew Weston, Luigi Lucente & Ed Grey)
    16. Live in living colour (Catch me if you can) – Loren Hunter, Samm Hagen, Melanie Hawkins, Leah Lim, Hayley Martin, Romina Villafranca, & Danni Hegarty/ Amy Berrisford (not sure which of these 2 it was)
    17. Broadway Medley – Glaston Toft & Anthony Harkin
    18. As long as he needs me (Oliver) – Martin Croft
    19. One song glory (Rent) – Danielle Matthews
    20. Bend and Snap (Legally blonde) – Tod Strike, Ashley Mackenzie, Ed Deganos, Ray Balisoro, Matt Holly, Tobias Madden, & Sage Douglas
    21. Beauty school dropout (Grease) – Susan Ann Walker
    22. Get out and stay out (9 to 5) – Bert Labonte
    23. Man in the mirror (Michael Jackson) – Graham Foote, Rebecca Moore, Amelia Christo & Twisted Broadway cast

    Btw did they say that Nathan Pinnell also choreographed his number?

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