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    Matt Edwards
    Matt Edwards

    Theatre is booming in Australia at the moment, with most of our major theatres booked up until 2017 and most of these shows up and running or deep into their production planning.

    With this schedule set, we’d love to look forward to late 2017 and beyond.

    What shows (plays or musicals) would you like to see tour Australia next? New shows or revivals.



    I’m curious what the theatres are booked out with, because so far there hasn’t been much announced for 2017. I’m assuming shows like Book of Mormon and Kinky Boots are going to tour, but hopefully there will be some other things announced soon too.

    Here’s some of my wish list:

    – It would be great if we could support the wonderful creatives we have here and put some funding towards new Australian work.
    – More TV musicals (like The Divorce).
    – New Aussie cast recordings would be awesome.
    – The Wild Party (Lippa version)
    – Chicago (though preferably not a copy of the one on Broadway. I’d love some new staging and chore)
    – Jekyll and Hyde (wishful thinking perhaps after the cancellation)
    – Waitress
    – Pippin (the ~2013 Broadway revival version)
    – Rent (hoping the Hayes production has a tour)
    – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    – Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
    – Once (wishing it would tour)
    – A Gentlemans Guide to Love and Murder
    – Hamilton
    – Shrek
    – Finding Neverland
    – Murder Ballad
    – The Secret Garden
    – Light in the Piazza (hoping for a tour because I can’t make it to Melbs)
    – Anastasia
    – The Colour Purple
    – Oliver
    – HMS Pinafore
    – Phantom of the Opera
    – Evita
    – Man of La Mancha
    – Amelie



    I think it’s time for another Wicked revival …. just kidding!!! 😛

    How long has it been since Phantom of the Opera was last staged? I’ve never seen a professional version done live, so would like to see it with a big budget and star cast.

    I would like to see Hamilton, but would be curious if it would work with an Australian audience. And can we use an Australian cast?

    I think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical would be fantastic.

    But I really, really would like a theatre company (probably a small independent one) to mount Grease 2: the musical in Sydney (hello Hayes Theatre!). I saw StageArt’s version in Melbourne a few years ago starring Josh Piterman and it was a lot of fun.



    for me
    More TV musicals (like The Divorce).
    Pippin (the ~2013 Broadway revival version)
    New Aussie cast recordings would be awesome.
    online mgazine and theindiasun tv



    CARNIVAL please



    Holly has an extensive and hopeful list, a dream one at that. Musicals like Book of Mormon, Once and Hamilton are ones i can’t wait to get to witness in the future. If i could be hopeful i would love to see Assassins come to life one day.



    I’ve been loving the smaller shows being put on the Hayes in recent times – they’ve been of far more interest to me then the revivals of the warhorses (Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady). There have been some fantastic productions (Little Shop, Heathers, Dogfight) but even the misses (Side Show) have been worth seeing.

    So what I’m looking forward to, and what I’m hoping to see, is just a continuation of the variety and quality we’ve been seeing of late in some of these smaller venues. I’m FAR more interested in what they’ll come up with compared to something like The Bodyguard.



    This may sound silly but I always wanted Carrie: The Killer Musical Experience to be staged in Australia

    This production: http://www.experiencecarrie.com/



    Hmmmm, Bad Dream – a rock opera


    yep, it’s mine and I am hoping to preview you it in 2017…



    Spring Awakening (just announced! YES!)
    Sister Act
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Catch me if you can
    Heathers (return season please – LOVE IT!)
    Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child



    – Hamilton – Obviously! I am lucky enough to have been in the room where it happens and it lives up to all the hype! Hopefully it won’t be an all imported cast; I’d love to see a lot of the cast of Stageart’s In The Heights involved, especially the guy they had as Usnavi!
    – Something Rotten – I saw it on Broadway in September and think it will work well for any audience.
    – Waitress – Just so I can get one of those mini pies again!
    – Hedwig and the Angry Inch – But not Eddie Perfect, please.
    – Finding Neverland
    – Fun Home
    – Beauty and the Beast revival – I don’t know whether this wish will be helped or hindered by the upcoming movie



    I’m only 24 and am in love with the phantom of the opera my grand parents saw it live in the musical and would love to see it again. The way they spoke about it was magical in my eyes and the movie is so captivating it shows so may feelings all in one hit. The movie is amazing but it would be better in a musical really wish to seee it re-done like it first was in the musical. Please 2017-2018



    Ooooh… I’d like to see several shows come to Australia.

    I was lucky to take my son’s to see School of Rock on Broadway and it was fantastic. Would love to see that come over here. Also:
    Heathers (again)
    Beauty and the Beast
    Phantom of the Opera (tried to catch it in NY but didn’t get there)



    Also I remember seeing “Return to the Forbidden Planet” when I was younger. I think that could make a good revival too!



    I desperately hope ‘An American in Paris’ will come to Aus. I saw it last year while in New York. One of the best musicals I have seen (I am partial to a musical with a lot of dance). This one is a standout in terms of the dance ability of the cast (most are professional ballet dancers), great Gershwin music, a great story and visually a treat. The director is uber famous in the ballet world so this one is the best dancing you will see in a musical. Please let it come here.

    42nd street has just opened in the West End and the cast looks enormous and great fun with great old fashioned tap numbers. Big hit over there so I would love to see that one come here.

    Also Moulin Rouge the musical is currently being written based on Baz Lurhmanns movie. As this was an Australian move I hope that it will open here and not overseas.

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