Anna and Elsa to sing new song for Frozen on Broadway

As Australia eagerly awaits the highly anticipated Frozen premiere at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre in July 2020, Broadway will welcome two new royals Ciara Renee and McKenzie Kurtz as Elsa and Anna respectively.  However this isn’t the only new addition to the Broadway production. In act two the two new leading ladies will sing a new duet called “I Can’t Lose You” featured originally on the Frozen tour instead of singing the reprise “For the First Time in Forever”.

The reason for the change is that Disney Theatrical want to deepen the connection between Anna and Elsa. If you remember the scene in the ice castle when Anna reunites with Elsa, she pleads with her sister to return home while Elsa insists on staying in isolation. Disney is changing this scene in the Broadway show.

McKenzie Kurtz playing Anna

The new song “I Can’t Lose You” will have the sisters singing to each other. The only people lucky enough to have seen this version are the fans who saw the touring production.

These new changes were first presented in the North American Frozen tour and will be included in the upcoming productions of the musical in Australia, Germany, Japan and the UK.

Jemma Rix and Courtney Monsma have been cast to play Elsa and Anna, in the upcoming Australian production set to feature this new song change.

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