A huge summer of live comedy has just been announced for the Sydney Opera House

Over four weeks, four new shows, featuring six of Australia’s funniest with one very funny Welshman.

Two iconic duos Lano & Woodley and Judith-Lucy and Denise Scott: the king of silly Sam Simmons; and the golden girl of stand up Anne Edwards joined by Lloyd Langford (he’s the Welshman).

Lano & Woodley in Lano & Woodley 

As well as a bunch of new bits, Col and Frank will draw from the massive repertoire of pointless stupidity that has made millions of people bliss out on belly laughs. And isn’t that what we all need right now? One thing is guaranteed, Col will nobly take to the stage, Only to be shifted up the wall by Frank for your entertainment.

Denise Scott and Judith Lucy – Disappointments: A Brand New Show

Join Denise Scott and Judith Lucy as they share all new disappointments. From romance, politics, television, to the fact that Judith has started shaving her face while Scotty has let her beard grow free. Sydney, it’s time to experience the show that promises to be at least as disappointing as the miserable bin fire that is humanity.

Sam Simmons – Sam I Am

Sam Simmons promises no life lessons, no profundity and no epiphanies. Just one hundred percent guaranteed gelastic and frivolous escapism from the ‘new normal’. This shall surely be an evening of socially distant people congregating safely in a room facing forward.

Anne Edmonds & Lloyd Langford – Business with Pleasure

After spending a large part of 2020 in a Melbourne lockdown together, Anne and Lloyd have decided now is the time to go on a national tour. Come and witness these two comedians live. There’ll be jokes, stories, and quite possibly the thrilling spectacle of the onstage breakdown of their relationship.

Limited capacity, COVID-safe, guaranteed laughs, book now.

The perfect Christmas present for friends and family – the deal is they take you with them!


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