ActNow Theatre has a new Executive Director

ActNow Theatre has announced the appointment of Rhen Soggee as the Co-CEO and Executive Director. They commenced their position in late June.

Soggee steps up within ActNow, where they have previously been in the role of General Manager and International Producer. They are an arts manager seeking to affect social change through the arts, sparking conversation and with a keen interest in contemporary, experimental and participatory arts, who has worked across many arts organisations, cultural hubs, and festivals, including OzAsia Festival, Carclew and Next Wave.

Tamsin Anspach, ActNow’s Chairperson Said:

It was a unanimous decision by the Board to appoint Rhen as Executive Director and Co-CEO. Rhen has been an integral part of ActNow since 2018. Their drive, passion and increasing strategic and cultural leadership is impressive and we’re excited to see their next steps. We are confident that they are the best person to navigate the industry with their Co-CEO and Artistic Director, Yasmin Gurreeboo.

Yasmin Gurreeboo, Co-CEO and Artistic Director Says :

For me personally, it is a great joy to have Rhen step into the role of Executive Director. At ActNow we create bold, socially conscious theatre, and Rhen is a fierce champion for our artists and communities and someone who is deeply committed to telling stories that can drive social change.

This will be the first time ActNow Theatre has Co-CEOs and I look forward to working closely together with them to realise our vision and continue our evolution as a company.

Soggee Says:

I’m really privileged and thrilled to step up into the position of Executive Director & Co-CEO at ActNow Theatre and to mark the start of an exciting new phase in our leadership alongside Yasmin and through ActNow’s work. Going forward, my hope is to create meaningful opportunities that support a more diverse and relevant South Australian industry. I look forward to working with the whole team to achieve our vision of the democratization of storytelling.

Soggee is no stranger to the company and has worked in different capacities in ActNow over the years and they bring that in depth understanding of ActNow’s politics and communities to this work.

 For over a decade, ActNow Theatre has created socially conscious theatre, and now more than ever, we need to keep engaging with our communities and having these essential conversations.

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