Australian dance entrepreneur’s program goes viral

And now giving back with a free class in support of all Victorian’s doing it tough.

Marie Walton-Mahon has taught many of Australia’s most accomplished dancers. It is wonderful that she is sharing her techniques through this program to the wider dance community.”

David McAllister Am

Artist director of the Australian Ballet

“Marie is a very experienced ballet teacher. She has trained and nurtured many wonderful students in the past. I have utmost respect for her as a teacher. Her supplementary training method is of real benefit to dance students. The effective exercises will strengthen their core stability, muscle control, balance and help their dancing.”

Li Cunxin

Artistic director of The Queensland Ballet

Best selling autobiography, Mao’s Last Dancer

Marie Walton Mahon is the founder and director of the revolutionary program Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT).

Marie Walton-Mahon

PBT is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance student’s technique by focussing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. PBT helps teachers around the world prepare their students to gain the strength they need to achieve their personal best. The program helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation and enhances the ability of athletes to perform at their best

PBT since in inception in 2015 has grown rapidly over the years with over 6000 certified teachers around the world teaching the program to almost a million students worldwide. With the growing popularity Marie now has 9 directors to look after their various territories of USA, Canada, Asia, Mexico, Asia, Europe, South America and most recently South Africa and Israel.

The online training program is now translated and overdubbed in Mandarin and Spanish with Indian, Portuguese, German and French soon to be launched. This provides millions around the world a stronger understanding of the technique and allows them to engage within PBTs large community.

Progressing Ballet Technique is now also officially endorsed by the The Royal Academy of Dance  as well as the British Ballet Organisation as a part of teacher’s continued professional development.

Being away from her Family due to border restrictions Marie feels deeply for those in Victoria who are in a strict stage 4 lockdown. To lift the spirits of young dancers, Marie has planned to hold a FREE 1.5-hour Online PBT class Via zoom at 6:00pm on the 16th of September to everyone residing in Victoria. Marie has created a class that will be suitable for ages 14 and above and all levels of fitness to bring some positivity by joining in and

moving their bodies. Currently there are over hundreds attending this free Online class and she encourages all to join in with her as she takes you through some enjoyable PBT exercises and and uplifting motivational messages.

To register for the free class, please do so through the following link:

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