COVID THE MUSICAL a competition for Australian writers

Music Theatre Melbourne ( MTM ) has announced an exciting competition for Australian writers to try and foster hope and optimism in an industry that has been devastated as a result of the Coronavirus.

MTM is calling on Australian writers to submit their work with the central theme based on the current Corona Pandemic. They will partner with the winner to develop and stage their work in 2021.

Writers are invited to submit works that are edgy, daring and entertaining with all narrative options to be considered including tragic, dramatic, sociological, psychological, whimsical, satirical, farcical, surreal.

MTM wants to keep creative prescription to a minimum. Apart from the designated subject and the fact that the work must be a musical play, the judges will have a key criterion – they will be looking for original work, both performance and musical, that takes risks in the quest to make exciting musical theatre.

The timeline for submissions are:

• Registration of notice of intention to enter the competition must be submitted by 31 May 2020 (see notice form attached).
• Formal application re submission of writers’ works will close on 30 September 2020 (Submission Date) (see application form attached)
• The winner will be announced on 01 November 2020 (Announcement date).
• Each application must attach:
• At least one third of the completed script
• A synopsis of the story and a detailed outline of the book to completion
• Recorded samples of at least five songs (at least 30 seconds each)
• A detailed list of characters and their voice requirements
• An outline of staging requirements and any design concepts.

The application form and terms and conditions of the competition are detailed on the website.

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