Dancenorth heads south to present new work on Gold Coast

Dance NorthDancenorth, described as ‘Australia’s premier regional cotemporary dance-theatre company’, is coming to the Gold Coast. Last year they premiered their incredibly successful show, Mass, in Townsville and now it’s our turn to experience this intriguing production.

MASS was inspired in part by surrealist art – there’s a haunting solo called ‘Spain 1938’, named after a Salvador Dali painting- but it’s really about community: communities coming together in the face of disaster, and the intense bonds people form that they may not have done if they hadn’t been under such extreme circumstances. In the wake of all the devastation that we experienced last summer (and we may see more all too soon…), it is easy to see why this show has spoken so strongly to Queensland audiences.

The international collaboration that has contributed to MASS is very impressive. Spanish composer Micka Luna was commissioned to write the score, vocals are performed by Jocelyn West from the UK and all the digital imagery was created by Mariona Omedes. Omedes won the Spanish National Award for Culture in 2011. With choreography and striking set (inspired by the art of Brisbane-based Rosemary Laing) both designed by Dancenorth’s Artistic Director, Raewyn Hill, MASS promises to be an intense experience for both the performers and audience.

MASS plays at the Gold Coast’s Arts Centre for one night only on Saturday the 10th of March. 

Bookings: (07) 5588 4000 or visit 

Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

Bobbi-Lea is's QLD Co-ordinator, writer, reviewer, and reporter. She is also an actor, presenter, and theatre/film producer for Drama Queen Productions in Brisbane. Bobbi-Lea holds a Degree in Music Theatre as well as a Degree in Film & TV, and is currently doing her Masters in Screen Production.

Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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