Dear Australia

This Saturday 4 July, Sydney Opera House presents playwrights Nakkiah Lui, Aanisa Vylet and Donna Abela in-conversation.

This panel unpacks some of the themes that emerged when 50 playwrights sent postcards to the nation, and explores the playwright’s voice in the national cultural landscape.

Playwriting Australia commissioned 50 playwrights to write 50 monologues as postcards to the nation, their work interpreted by some of Australia’s leading actors in a unique celebration of Australian voices. At a time when a pandemic has forced reflection and change, these playwrights have responded to questions that get to the heart of where our nation is and where it might go.

 What is happening right now? What is being revealed about us? What are we not paying attention to? Where do we want to go next?

The evening before the final set of performances, three writers unpack some of the telling themes of these microplays, including their own, and comment on their context in a COVID world.

Moderated by Nakkiah Lui, and featuring Aanisa Vylet and Donna Abela, this conversation offers a deep-dive to the comfort and confrontation of Dear Australia and an exclusive to Sydney Opera House’s Digital Season.

Stream from 7pm on 4 July or watch on-demand here:

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