Gow to direct sizzling satire

Queensland Theatre Company is to present The Little Dog Laughed by Douglas Carter Beane – a sizzling Hollywood satire about sex, lies and the inconvenience of true love.

Starring Caroline Kennison, Nick Cook, Melanie Zanetti and TV’s Nathaniel Dean, The Little Dog Laughed is witty, fast-paced and has a story worthy of today’s celebrity gossip magazines.

Successful actor Mitchell is about to make it big, except his “slight recurring case of homosexuality” is getting in the way of marriage, megabucks and superstar branding. He’s not gay – he just sleeps with men. One in particular; Alex.

Alex is also involved with his old girlfriend, the newly pregnant Ellen. When Mitchell’s cunning agent Diane starts squashing rumours about his personal life it’s time to pull out creative and ruthless tactics to invent a happy ending for everyone.

“There’s lots of plays, films, books and TV shows about the evils of celebrity and the secrets behind the façade of media hype,” said Director Michael Gow.

“Most of them are pretty acidic and leave a nasty taste. But Douglas Carter Beane unmasks the truth about his characters and has enormous fun doing it.

“The wordplay is dazzling and the insights cutting but never cruel.  Beane’s written a romantic comedy in which everyone gets what they want. Or, with a big cheesy grin, what they deserve.”

The play opens at the Cremorne Theatre on Monday, February 8.

Bookings: 136 246.

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