The guy with his feet on the seats. The woman who litters on the train. The teenager who fails to produce a valid concession card. These are just a few of the violent offenders our brave Authorised Officers encounter on trains and trams every day.

In the Victorian public transport system, fare evading offences are considered especially heinous. In Melbourne, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Authorised Ticket Inspectors. Sevenfold Theatre Company and The Butterfly Club will be showcasing their stories this April.

From expired mykis to runaway fare evaders, join the Authorised Officers of Public Transport Victoria as they work a very special case that isn’t all that it seems. Suspense, Betrayal, Interpretive Dance –  Law and Order: PTV  has all the staples of a cop drama and a little bit extra. From April 20-25, watch our brave officers travel the City Loop and put away some of Victoria’s most serious offenders in Zone 1 and 2.

This returning work is reworked and improved, combining explosive dance, original music, sketch comedy and metro announcements to create an unforgettable transport experience. Just don’t forget to touch on.


Season Details

The Butterfly Club
April 20th-25th nightly at 8:30pm

Peter J Snee

Peter is a British born creative, working in the live entertainment industry. He holds an honours degree in Performing Arts and has over 12 years combined work experience in producing, directing and managing artistic programs & events. Peter has traversed the UK, Europe and Australia pursuing his interest in theatre. He is inspired by great stories and passionately driven by pursuing opportunities to tell them.

Peter J Snee

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