A muse to seek: Young QLD performing arts students showcase their wares for one night only

ASPA-FTVFor one night only, the Performing Arts, Film and Television (ASPA-FTV) school are showcasing their Creative Theatre Production course with the student devised work, Music: A Muse to Seek.

Amanda Hardwick, co-founder and Artistic Director of ASPA-FTV, explains that their company motto is ‘learn through doing’ so creating the show is a collaborative process. The students pitch ideas to a theme – this year’s theme is ‘music’, then there is discussion and improvisation around their experiences and interpretations of the theme.

Their teachers (Talia Rowley and Sarah Davis), facilitates the process for the group of aspiring actors from 7 to 17 years old, and then writes the final 30-40 minute piece.

Music: A Muse to Seek showcases three original works, with the first being, The Real Workers of Brisvegas- The True Story of a Music Store. The story follows a music store manager on the hunt for a new employee, which Hardwick describes as ‘Empire Records-esque’. This piece is performed by students 13 years and up.

The second show is Family, Friends and a Funeral. When a beloved Kia Grande car called Rhonda suffers engine failure, her owners decide to throw her a funeral. While undertaking funeral arrangements, they need to consider what music to play – what music is indicative of Rhonda and the memories they shared with her?

The third show, performed by 7 to 12 year olds, is Fish out of Water. The story is about a group of song-less people who have been rejected by their community because they don’t have a theme song, so they hold a competition to find one. This show is about identity and celebrating our uniqueness.

Music: A Muse to Seek will play for one night only on December 12, at QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre.

For more details, see the ASPA-FTV website: ASPA-FTV


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